Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Start Online Without Money

IF you want to start online lots of people will tell you that you need a website, or two, or three.

While it is true that you will eventually need a website to build a residual income by having a squeeze page, or a blog, you can first start online without money, i.e, by not paying for having a website.

There are actually many ways you start online without money.

They are:

Having a Facebook account, and starting a Facebook fan page and driving traffic to it via the normal ways.

Set up a YouTube account and post videos to your account either using a web camera, or iPhone.

These are the best two ways that you could get started online without paying money for getting a website.

There are advantages to these than having your own website, but, there are also cons as well.


The advantages of these two methods are that you are on the two top traffic sites and unlike when you first set up a website, you don't have to worry about backlinking properly because wherever your backlink is, you are using the two top traffic sites on the internet that are classed as "authority sites."

Another advantage is that YouTube videos rank better in Google, and you are more likely, if done properly, to rank a video better in Google than a website.

A website or blog may take a while to build up page rank, whereas a video can be an instant hit on the rank checker.

Another advantage is that your affiliate links or website links will get more clicks if you post videos - but you have to do it right.


However, there are a couple of disadvantages, and these include:

1) Your YouTube account may be shut down at any time or flagged if you are caught doing anything improper or unusual in Google's eyes. Google own YouTube. Technically, your YouTube channel is not yours..

2) Even if you were not doing anything improper, it could take a while for you to get back your channel - in some cases you may never!

The big question you have to ask, is, is start online without money a good idea in the long run?

The best way to maximise is to have a website so that all your videos you post to video sharing sites are safe.

It may also in the long run be worth subscribing to a video site like Viddler or Vimeo where you can host your videos on a paid video sharing network so that your videos are safe just in case Google decide for whatever reason to shut you down.

Don't just think about the short term, think about the long term!

At some stage you will have to spend money anyway to invest in your online business.

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